Harmful Stereotypes

People of the LGBTQIA+ community are constantly prejudiced against others because of untrue stereotypes. To start there is the belief that masculine and feminine are direct opposites and that opposites attract. Therefore for someone to like masculine people, they must be feminine. The belief that all women are masculine and all women are feminine is why gay people are often thought of as feminine and lesbians are often thought of as masculine. Misogyny which is another big problem is why gay people and lesbians are often thought of as inferior or weird as opposed to straight people. When people act upon these prejudicial emotions and shun or exclude gay or lesbian people because of who they are it can lead to issues with self-confidence which can lead to other mental health problems developing. Hate crimes and invalidation are a large issue and this is shown in the fact that 42% of LGBTQIA+ people attempt suicide each year. The biggest part of this issue is hate crimes and discrimination against LGBTQIA+ members. By being a better ally we can help people through the complicated process of coming out and the constant discrimination against being who they are.